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Quote Of The Month
When people ask me what equipment l use, l tell them “My Eyes”!!!

You may recall that during last year (2018), l mentioned the fact that l would be making some quite serious and dramatic changes in my photography. This was due to a number of purely personal issues.

Well those decisions have been made and actioned.

1). I have decided to stop all my courses and workshops, this has primarily been due to personal reasons. However many thanks to everyone who attended my events, lt was great to meat everyone.

2). Secondly and due to the same reasons and weight of my Canon gear, l investigated my options of new gear without forgoing anything whatsoever in facilities, operation and quality.

After many weeks of research, and help from international sports photographer “Terry Donnelly” who had already gone through this change, taking advice from the “Sony UK” business manager whilst at the same time and Rob at Jessops, Liverpool the decision was made.

That was it, l was convinced, the new Sony Mirrorless series was to be my choice. Sony here l come. All my gear was sold within 8days, YIPPEEE and

A week later all my gear was sold and l was in the “Jessops” (Liverpool) shop, and the deal was done.  here is my new gear.

Wow am l so pleased, with my new kit… 3). My new creative studio is now complete and the studio can provide me with the opportunity to work in natural daylight or artificial calibrated daylight. The studio is equipped with Bowens daylight lighting, stands plus fine art, macro, micro lighting, Novoflex photographic scaffolding systems, colour back drops and custom made arty backgrounds.

4). My new feature genres and goals are to include B&W, Fine-Art, Scapes and some British wildlife.

5). I can’t wait for the new challenges, mainly working in my studio. l’ll be able to feed images from my camera  directly into my laptop, which will allow me to check the composition and quality of images at the time of shooting. If l am happy, l can send the images directly it into my “Big Mac” in my digital darkroom ready for any post-production.

6). This new workflow will improve the processing time and enable me to supply my images at an extremely faster rate to the stock agency’s, distributors and a new gallery who are representing my work.

Finally, My website galleries will start to change in the very near future, all with new images.

Keep On Clickin.

John F

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