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Hi Everyone, it’s me again, l’am back!!!

My apologise for not being around lately, only l have not been one hundred percent in myself.

Before l go any further l would like to take this opportunity to thank some really good friends for persuading me to go out with them on a couple of occasions and take some pici’s. I needed a lot of convincing to do this and had to take a refresher course on how to use my gear!!

In addition and l felt up to it, l have updating all my image cataloguing, a posh title for “boring old office work”.

I have also started to knock together a hotel, a “bug/insect hotel. Once it’s finished l’ll upload a couple of pici’s.

My next task in line, when l feel up to it, is to alter, reconfigure and upload some new images to the “Gallery” section.

I know l have cancelled my newsletters for the foreseeable future, but please feel free to keep in touch and write in if you so wish. It would be great to hear from.

Winning Another Competition

When your feeling down, for whatever reason, there always appears to be some good news just around the corner. Earlier today l received an email from “Fine Art Foto Ltd” to say l had won the companies monthly competition. My only task now is to search their website and choose a package, l think l’ll be selecting some “Fine Art” paper, this will work well in conjunction with my new styles of work.

From Green Belt To Dwellings

If we as the residents of the St Helens Borough don’t do anything to protect our “Green Belt and Open Spaces”, we will end up living in a desperately over populated area with NO Green Belt and open spaces.

In the latest edition of “Rainhill Labour Rose” in the next to the last paragraph it states that “65% of the borough is Green Belt, and the preferred options being consulted on proposed releasing some Green Belt land as there is a need for that land to be released to meet our housing and employment needs. If the preferred options/proposals were endorsed, a total of 1,187 Hectare’s would be released from Green Belt for the next 30 years of development, leaving  56% of the boroughs Green Belt. What has failed to be mentioned is there are many additional changes of status with the borough, for example: 4 developments on Eccleston and at least two sites in Haydock”. The size of Eccleston Park Golf Course is “Circa 50 Hectares/123 acres. Can we not all use the same figures.

What it doesn’t state is: 1) What is the total percentage up for the possibility of change of status throughout the borough?  (2) Where are all the Green Belt sites in St Helens?  (3) Where are all the other sites being proposed for the change of status in the borough?  (4)  Why are no “Brown” sites being considered for development?

All this has come about since the previous government gave permission and instruction to all the local councils to approach Green Belt landowners and offer them the opportunity to change the lands status from Green Belt to Development. The land in question in Rainhill includes;  Eccleston Park Golf Course and the farm land from the bottom of Elton Head Road, along behind all the houses and side roads on Rainhill Road up to the Manchester railway lines.

In addition to this, the plan also includes the green belt land at Burrows Lane, Howards Lane, Catchdale Moss Lane and Houghtons Lane as far over as the A580, the East Lancashire Road.

Finally l would also like to point out that this does not only increase the housing population when the population figures of St Helens are dropping year on year (as supplied by the St Helens Council). However perhaps more importantly it will increase and in some cases overload the local infrastructure.  For example; Schools, Raods, GP’s, Police, Ambulances, Hospitals, Clinics, and Dentists just to mention by a few of the obvious.

Please don’t forget that the majority, if not all of the above most certainly cannot increase their capacity due to the financial cutbacks enforced across the board by the central government.

The Photography Show 2017

Next years “Photography Show” 2017 at the NEC Birmingham is now in full flow of being organised. The dates 18-22nd March 2017 are now set in stone and being publicised in many new places, as well as the regular ones.

To date there are in excess of 260 exhibitors already booked, why not visit the site for yourself. Their website is www.photographyshow.com

Perhaps see you there.

Keep on Clickin.






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