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by Ansdel Adams….

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Hello and welcome to the home page of my website.

Hi All.

lt’s that time of year again!!

The end of one year and the beginning of another.

The time to look back and reflect on the year that’s leaving us.

The time to look forward to what is looming towards us in 2018.

Instead of deciding and undertaking the traditional “New Years” resolutions, why-not decide “what to leave behind”!!

This was put to me at a recent visit to my Health & Wellbeing consultant, “What are you going to leave behind in 2017?

I thought this was an interesting angle, so I’ve stolen it 🙂 haha.

Now I’m going to ask you to think about what would you to like to leave behind in 2017?

Here are a few things I’ll be leaving behind in 2017:

Personal: News

It has been a ritual of mine this past year that whenever passing our local village patisserie shop, l would pop in and treat myself!! No More.

I am going to put my negative life behind me and be extremely more positive in all l do, both for me, my family and my friends.

The world is a very difficult place in many different way’s, some times it looks as though we are making progress and then all fails and we enter what looks like a massive decline. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, I’m sure you’d agree that nearly all the news we consume is designed to make us either scared or angry, upset or appalled. I’m leaving it behind!

Health – Exercise & food habits  

During the past year, 2017, l have tried on numerous occasions to diet and improve my exercise, please note l did say “tried”, however l have to be honest and say l failed.

It is most certainly my intention to seriously undertake on a daily basis some respectable daily exercise. My goal is that by the time l am away in June 2018 my health, wellbeing and shape will have vastly improved, based on were I am now that is.

In 2018 I will only eat what I’ve planned to eat, and I’ll record what I eat regularly, therefore l should never be caught short or in a position where I’m likely to be tempted or make a bad food decision. I will try!!

Photography: Photographing Always With The End Result In Mind

Most of the time, I will rock up to a location, already having a pretty good idea of what to gear to take with me.

Having either previously been to the location in question or having undertaken considerable research, l will have a pretty good idea of what gear and clothing etc to have with me. All in all, l will also have a pretty good idea of what will face me.

I will also have in my mind; when to go, what type of pictures l am going for and were from.

When on location and getting ready, take a quick look around your proposed compositional area, check and prepare all your gear and settings. Then sit and wait for the opportunity to arise and capture some beautifully thought out and prepared pictures, obviously in “RAW” files.

My creative mind and vision then and only then will kick into operation.

Periodically l will check the histogram and camera settings on my cameras rear display screen. Any adjustments required will be made as we go.

Once l have completed my shoot and have returned home or to my overnight base, will l back up twice, before thinking about a shower and something to eat. At this point nothing will have been deleted.

Whilst I am awaiting for the image to look like what l wanted and the opportunity to press the shutter button, l will continually be thinking and re-thinking about what compositions l want.

If l go on a shoot with anything specific in mind, for example, waterfall’s or sunset’s, l will have all the additional equipment with me that is required. This would include filters, holders, little stop, and big stop filters Etc.

Certain creative decisions will need to be investigated and made ahead of arriving at the location. Some examples are; weather conditions, tide times, river, stream levels and of course not forgetting at any time the safety of you and others.

Over to you:

Have a think about what you would like to leave behind in 2017 and plan for 2018.

If you’d like to share, then please let me know!

Depending on how many people reply and if l have the time, l will produce a summary using everyone’s suggestions (no names) to inspire others.

“Keep On Clickin”

  John F

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