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Hi all, another month has gone by so fast and yet a great deal of things has happened, however l am ashamed to say it, but this January l only managed to get out with my gear once, yes l know, disgusting!!! However l have been doing a great deal of office work and post production on some of my images.

Photographic Minds

This is a group of adult amateur photographers who in their lives have suffered in one way or another with mental health issues, however to look at their pictures you most certainly wouldn’t think so. Some of the pictures which are styled around urban work, l would have walked straight past these opportunities.

Why not take a look “IT’s FREE!!!” and is on display at “St Helens Millennium Ctr” around the ground and first floor. There approximately 53 images on display, which is a good representation of the memberships work. During the first week in February “The Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside” visited the exhibition, met some members and spoke some extremely complementary words.

Elk and Faun

Elk and Faun

Askrigg Waterfalls

Barn Owl with Prey, a mouse.

Barn Owl with Prey, a mouse.







Apart from working on my images during the past six weeks, you may recall l previously mentioned the follow, which l have all now completed:

(1)  I have researched and planned to visit some new locations and some of which l haven’t visited for some long periods of time.

(2)  To continue to enjoy and increase my photography, whilst at the same time taking in everything around me from the natural world. One is always learning.

(3)  To continue developing (no pun intended) my time spent in my studio creating more new “Fine Art/Still Life” pictures.

(4)  To increase my “Post Production” turnaround times to producing and delivering the finished images to the “stock agencies” l am registered with.

All in all, l intend to have a sensibly planned, very healthy, happy and productive 2017.

Latest News On Rainhill’s Green Belt Campaign

The loss of “Green Belt and Open Green Spaces” through the development of private and commercial dwellings will jeopardise everyones health and lives in so many ways.15554658_10154792075064414_1728974017_n

If you are interested in supporting the group of campaigners against loosing three green belt sites in Rainhill, please visit the groups “Face Book” page;

“Residents Against The Development Of Green Belt Land – Rainhill

The three areas in question in  Rainhill are “Eccleston Park Golf Club” which is in immediate threat, followed by “Hanger Bridge Farm” and the land off ‘Mill Lane and adjacent to Hall Lane” (behind “The Manor Public House and  Briars Hey”). The later two sites have potentially been allocated into phase two.

Golf is an extremly popular hobby for male and female, young and old.

Golf is an extremly popular hobby for male and female, young and old.

To date the group have achieved the following;

Steering Group….
This is now fully established and holding regular meetings to continually keep everyone informed.

Flyers and Posters….
During the month of January, every dwelling in Rainhill received an A5 flyer, whilst all the commercial property’s in Rainhill received an A4 poster for window display.

Awareness days in Rainhill Village…..

Apart from being very cold to stand about, the events themselves where extremely successful for both the residents coming in to the village as well as the group. Thank you everyone.

A public walk is on Sunday 22nd January…..

This went well and the weather was kind to us, we also had one of the villages local Police offices-thank you so much, it was great to have you with us. The walk was very successful in two main points; (1)  Making more and more residents aware. (2) Raising more funds by donations.


This is still running on our “Face Book” page, therefore if you haven’t already signed, please do so now.


This is also still running on our “Face Book” page, therefore if you would like to make a donation, please do so now.

BBC Radio Merseyside  Donna and John gave a full interview to BBC Radio Merseyside, by driving the reporter around all Rainhill’s three locations. This was later broadcast intermittently throughout a week beginning with Tony Snell at 7.05 on Monday morning and finishing with Roger Phillips during his Friday lunch time program.

St Helens Star  (Local weekly newspaper)  The paper have been running regular features not only for Rainhill, but also the other areas in the borough.

Rainhill Parish Council  (RPC) John applied to the RPC to address the full council regarding this matter. He was give 3 minutes!!! Eventually l addressed was trimmed to 3 minutes, just. Upon arrival on the 23rd January l was faced with approximately 70 supporters. For the very first time ever in 30yrs at least, the RPC had never seen this sort of numbers of attendees. The RPC agreed to move rooms, and we filled that one as well. Johns address went extremely well and guess what, he fitted everything in. The applause at the end was without question, deafening. Hopefully the RPC got the message.

John was recently asked, why was his site advertising Eccleston Park Golf Club” on my website? This was easy to answer, the golf club is currently Green Belt.

Eccleston Park Golf Club

Eat & Drink


Golf-daysEccleston Park Golf Club (EPGC) has plenty to offer. Are you having a celebration, a family gathering, a corporate event or a meeting, “EPGC” can offer all and more besides. They not only offer but fulfil without question, many options, facilities, quality and a fantastic staff.

Why not visit the clubs next “wedding day” on

Whatever your requirements why not give them a call and try them out on 0151-493-0033. Give it a try!!!



The Photography Show 2017

Next years “Photography Show” 2017 at the NEC Birmingham is now in full flow of being organised. The dates 18-22nd March 2017 are now set in stone and being publicised in many new places, as well as the regular ones.

To date there are in excess of 260 exhibitors already booked, why not visit the site for yourself. Their website is www.photographyshow.com

Perhaps see you there.

Keep on Clickin.






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