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by Ansdel Adams….

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(1).  Since my last announcement. l have made two important decisions, both of which where due to various personal reasons. Firstly l have decided to cease undertaking any further  “1 to 1, 1 to 2 and small group”  courses and workshops.

(2).  l work from home. As l am sure many of you will already be aware, well earlier this l undertook a number of long overdue task at home and one was to move office. I am so pleased this decision was made as everything works better for me, more facilities and more room. Great.

(3).  You may also remember.  A while ago l mentioned that l was thinking about diversifying slightly, and becoming involved in ” Floral Fine Art & Still Life” photography, this will include “Artistic, Abstract, Floral, and Wildlife”. The finished picture will consist of pictures which has been taken in the studio, in the outdoors and artistically created on my “Big Mac”.

(4).  Lightroom V6. Sometime ago l invested in the new version of Adobe Lightroom – version 6, today l am still discovering new techniques, especially in the Library, Develop and the new Collections section. The Collections can be built up and customised in many different ways to suit your requirements.

(5).  Photographic Minds (St Helens).  As many of you may already know, for some years now l mentored an amateur photographic group whose members have suffered one way or another from mental  health issues or physical disability’s, and what a fantastic set of members they are. 

The groups meeting location is on the first floor of “The Millennium Ctr, Corporation St, St Helens, Merseyside’. The trustees of the ctr ask the group would the like to have an exhibition of the members works, commencing January 2017 for approximately five months. Displayed were 60 mounted pictures across two floors, and what a display it has been. Congratulations to everyone concerned at “Photographic Minds”.

This year alone, a number of the members and l have visited various locations including “The Yorkshire Moors Waterfalls, Monkey Forest and Trentham Gardens and in August the group held an exclusive photographic “Bird of Prey Day” at Taylor Park St Helens and here are some of the images taken by some of the members; 



















(6).  My own personal photography this year has got me away various locations, some of which have included Welsh waterfalls as well as the North Yorkshire Moors, British wildlife in Surrey, some seascapes, and wildlife in the Peak District. On a few of the trips l have been accompanied by some brilliant friends, thanks for the company.

(7)  Knowsley Safari Park ln Prescot Merseyside has recently been undergoing many alteration, and have a long way to go yet. The bad news is that lost a ” Red River Hog, a Giraffe, and an Elephant”. The good news is the Red River Hog is to get a new mate and the Giraffe has already acquired a couple of new mates.

Many visitors will now have noticed that there are NO elephants on site. The reason being that the herd have all be moved to a temporary location in France whilst work is undertaken to provide a fully revamped home and maybe location back at Knowsley.

Last but by no means least, the safari have now introduced three new membership/payment structures and are classed as “Bronze, Silver and Gold, all of which offer a variety of permutations and can be paid in one sum immediately or one a direct debit basis. Within three visits you will be in profit, can’t be bad.

Many thanks, have fun and

“Keep on Clickin”.


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