There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer – Ansel Adams….

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John Fairclough

Hi all, another month has gone by so fast and yet a great deal of things has happened, however l am ashamed to say it, but this January l only managed to get out with my gear once, yes l know, disgusting!!! However l have been doing a great deal of office work and post production on some of my images.


Apart from working on my images during the past six weeks, you may recall l previously mentioned the follow, which l have all now completed:

(1)  I have researched and planned to visit some new locations and some of which l haven’t visited for some long periods of time.

(2)  To continue to enjoy and increase my photography, whilst at the same time taking in everything around me from the natural world. One is always learning.

(3)  To continue developing (no pun intended) my time spent in my studio creating more new “Fine Art/Still Life” pictures.

(4)  To increase my “Post Production” turnaround times to producing and delivering the finished images to the “stock agencies” l am registered with.

Keep on Clickin.






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