Frequently Asked Questions (14off)

8. What about the weather?

  • June 20, 2013

Some people strangely think that when winter or the bad arrives (between October and Easter) and after dusk that their cameras should be put away in the bottom draw. Never!!

First of all the times I have mentioned here are some of the times you will be able to capture some of the finest pictures especially if you consider and watch the weather forecast prior to going out. I always use two weather forecasting sites: “BBC Weather” and “Metcheck.Com”, I find both very reliable.

An example of what you can capture is very streaky shots by slowing your shutter speeds down.

I would also recommend that you seriously consider what to wear including your footwear, outdoor photography is not a fashion pastime. Consider your clothing in layers as you can always take something off. Footwear, in general you have three options, boots, wellingtons and boots with gaiters.

In addition and at very little cost, one piece of weather proofing I am about to recommend is so obvious you will kick yourself. To protect both your camera body and lens’s, purchase one of many waterproof covers from some one like “Speed Graphics”, compared to your gear these are not expensive, alternatively take a few bin bags with you and renew them after use. These can be used for placing your bag, rucksack, gear or even for you to lie down on.

Keep on clickin.  John