Frequently Asked Questions (14off)

10. What computers do I use?

  • June 16, 2013

This has become a question which is more and more commonly being asked. In fact in some many cases it is part two of “What Gear Do I Use”?

For many many years I used a PC for everything, and then approximately three years ago the time arrived when my PC’s had to be replaced.

When asking a friend for advice he invited me over to view his new “Mac” and all the software packages he had on it. A date was arranged and over I went. Two to three hours passed and to say I was extremely impressed is a bit of an understatement.

That was it off to the “Apple” shop I went, and a short while later I placed an order for a bespoke “Mac Tower” with an O/S of Snow Leopard. The shop agreed they would install and commission all my software packages I was using, existing and new. They were brilliant.

At the time of purchase I also took a 12 months 1-2-1 training course, which was a must for me.

So to today I still have a PC on my desk which is wired up as a central hub for my emails, internet connections and printers. All my administration and imaging work is undertaking on both my “Macbook Air” laptop and my “Big Mac”, as well as the more obvious a keyboard, mouse, 27″ Eizo screen and a Hanvon Graphic Tablet. The majority of my admin work is done on my “MacBook Air” laptop and copied ove to my “Big Mac” where as all my imaging is produced on my “Big Mac”. My Email and internet connections are applicable to both machines.