Frequently Asked Questions (14off)

5. What is my favourite equipment?

  • June 20, 2013

Without question, my favourite gear is my large  rucksack and/or binoculars, simply because either mean I am out and about in the natural world breathing in fresh air, however the bug bear of this is the weight of it. The rucksack is dammed heavy!! Hence one reason why I have recently invested in a trolley specifically designed for outdoor photographers, fishermen etc. The trolley will collapse down totally flat, including the easily removed wheels – no tools needed, just one finger, then you have a flat pack trolly to fit straight into your car. The wheels are approximately 4inches wide, this will seriously attempt avoid sinking in soft earth and sand.

Anyway now for which pieces of camera equipment are my favourites?

For wildlife I almost always have my 500mm f4 and 70/200mm f2.8 plus a 24/7 f2.8 and 15/24 f2.8 along with my Eos 1Dx, Eos 1D MKIV and for studio use I still have my Eos 1Ds MKIII. Supports are a Gitzo tripod, Arca Swiss QR ball head, and a Wimberley Side Kick or a bean bag.

For my close up and macro I usually use my 15/24mm f2.8, 105mm f 2.8 macro and my 180mm f3.5 macro on  my Eos 1Ds MKIII. In the wild I would normally use my Gitzo tripod and Arca Swiss QR ball head or again a bean bag, however in my macro and fine art studio I have a different tripod and head configuration (which I will list later), this primarily due to the fact that this offers much finer vernier control.