Frequently Asked Questions (14off)

4. What is my favourite location?

  • June 20, 2013

Believe it or not, to me this is quite a difficult question to answer, therefore I have been a coward and chosen more than one. These have not been placed in any specific running order.

1)  The Cairngorms, Scotland. I really do love the Cairngorms for many reasons. To me the main reason for this is the tranquillity it has to offer along with the vast variety of subject and species at the same time. Before now I have spent many happy hours in hides just observing mother nature playing and listening to the natural world talking!

2)  Zimbabwe, Mid Africa.  My first visit to Zimbabwe was some years ago with colleague Chris Weston and at this time I was quite cautious because of the political situation and those in power, however with the engagement of an excellent agent everything was superb and the areas we have visited where also brilliant. The locations include; Hwange National Park, Matobo National Park and Antelope Park. Many thanks to my regular guide Thanwell.

3)  The Scottish Borders.  Where do I begin? From the east cost to the west the borders have something to offer, seek and ye shall find. I can quite understand and envy why a colleague, Laurie Campbell, lives in this area and ends up with some absolutely brilliant pici’s.

4)  The English East Coast.  I first visited the North East coast some considerable years ago and since have found from the top to the bottom offer a vast selection places all providing different challenges. The locations include such places Bempton Cliffs, The Farne Islands, Donna Nook, Holy Island, Berwick and Norfolk just to mention but a few. For example how many of you know that on “Holy Island” is a stunning nature reserve which provide some stunning species? I bet not many of you know this, yet all who have visited the island will at one time or another driven straight past!!

5)  Botswana, Mid Africa.  One of my favourite activities to work when in Botswana is out on the “Chobe River”, photographing wildlife with a totally different perspective, hence being down in the river. Always look for a different and challenging angle.