Frequently Asked Questions (14off)

9. What planning and preparation do I do?

  • June 20, 2013

This is of paramount importance to me before departing on any venture, not matter it is my first visit or a return, it is more than possible that something may have changed.

Prior to actually going on any trip I will do my homework which will include learning as much as possible about the location, the terrain, my safety, study articles, books and maps, and last but by no means least work out what equipment I will need, for example I may need a remote triggering and flash system.

From my experiences in my much earlier days, I simply went out to photograph for club competition’s, I didn’t really do any homework about exactly whereabouts to go or what to expect, as opposed to being more about good luck and good fortune than anything else.

The way I now operate is to without doubt, saves me so much time and money and gives me by far a much greater “keeper” rate of images. This means I can send to the agencies who represent me.

The pitfall of this procedure is you sure do increase you collection of books and maps!!