Frequently Asked Questions (14off)

7. What type of light do I work in?

  • June 20, 2013

What I am about to say may initially sound rather silly, to say the very least.

I always look for good light to suit the images I want to capture. For example depending what I am planning to go and attempt to capture, I first do my homework about the subjects, their habits and lifestyles. This will tell me a great deal including what will be the best time to be set up ready to work and initially what to expect.

If I where to be going photographing a bird colony, I would look to be set up as early as physically possible, even if it is still dark, and then wait. Therefore I will be ready when we get that gorgeous early morning sunrise daylight and the birds appear to go looking for their breakfast. As mid day approaches and passes I would normally have my lunch in my hide (which I will have with me), always keeping an eye out. At this time the sun will generally be high in the sky and therefore making any images you shoot, extremely contrasty. Then later in the afternoon when the sun is going down, hopefully there will be some really soft and colourful warm skies throwing an array of beautiful colours on your subjects. Well worth waiting for and no contrast.

Again if it is your intention to work in the evening or night, look at the weather forecasts and what position the moon will be in.

Keep on clickin and have fun.  John