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Legal matters.

  • June 20, 2013

Many photographers don’t bother looking a solicitor or legal representation until it is too late. This can cost you seriously.

My advice is to consider having a relationship with two solicitors, one being to guide, help represent you in corporate company matters, It is usually pretty easy to find a reputable company in your local town to undertake this work.

Secondly I would recommend you also look to register with a solicitor who is used to representing photographers and have a great common knowledge and reputation of “Copyright, The Police & Photographic Law and The Law and Photographers“.

Over the last few years the laws which concern photographers of all levels and categories have dramatically changed. Some for the better and some not so.

The internet and copyright is also another minefield which has been addressed, and if David Cameron has his way, never will. My only recommend to you if you are using the internet is firstly to be extremely careful and follow all the advice and guidelines given and perhaps equally if not more important, do not put your images up on the social site gallery’s. For any further advice on this matter, please don’t hesitate in giving me a shout.

Don’t forget, in both situations you would not pay any fees until you engage the services for specific services.

Keep on clickin.  John