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Is it best to use a camera strap?

  • June 21, 2013

Q.  Is it always best to use a camera strap or some type of grip/handle?  Alain G

A.  I feel that this is very much a personal decision and this is by no means an easy get out by me.

For many years now I have always used two camera bodies, one which is usually fitted to my 500mm f4 lens and in this case for two reasons the camera body does not have a strap or grip of any type attached. However I do always have a strap fitted to the 500mm lens which in turn is usually fitted to my tripod of in my rucksack. I can’t remember the last time I used the strap.

My second camera body 99 percent of the time has a strap fitted and this is because I normally use this body in connection with my smaller lens’s, these range from 15mm to 300mm.

I do hope this helps, why not experiment and see what suits you?

Keep on clickin,  John