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Hand held images not sharp?

  • January 30, 2013

Q.  When I am hand holding my camera, the pictures always appear to not 100% sharp. What am I doing wrong?  Pete F

A.  This can be create by one or more of numerous causes which we can take one at a time. The first point to be checked is the fact that you are (a) hold the camera correctly, firmly and sturdy. Secondly check the settings: Mode, for example “AV”, check out the depth of field you want and then look at the shutter speed, this may be two, especially when you consider the amount of light you have and the length of lens you are working with. You can always increase you shutter speed by increasing your “ISO” settings.

In addition to this you also check your stance, are your feet spread correctly? Are you holding the camera correctly and firmly? If you are doing both of these points correctly then look for something you can lean on, a wall, a post, the floor etc or as a last resort, “a tripod” if you have on. I have seen people in low light situations trying to hand hold their equipment when at their feet, lying at the feet, they have a tripod begging to be used!! Some people even feel embarrassed about erecting a tripod in case of what other people will think!!

Keep on clickin  John