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Tripod or Monopod?

  • June 23, 2013

Q.  I am looking to invest in either a monopod or a tripod, which would you go for and what make?  Suzie P

A.  In my opinion and for me personally, this is a no contest question, a tripod every time. However this is purely because f the type of work I am involved in. For those of you who do not know the difference between the two, a monopod is simply one leg with an adjustable leg, this is usually by having three or four telescopic sections and a camera head fixed to the top.

A monopod is ideal for those of you who are usually on the go, and may be involved in candid shots, photojournalism, travel or may just want that little extra support when out and about.

A tripod, as you will already be aware, is a three legged stand alone piece of equipment which you can erect and stand by without holding. This will also give you maximum support for those long winded exposures and in turn should reduce the vibration to an absolute minimum. However it is usually larger and heavier than a monopod. In addition to purchasing a tripod you also have to buy a camera head to securely interconnect your camera to your tripod, preferably a three way head.

There are many types, styles and manufacturers out there such as; Gitzo, Manfrotto, Giotto, and Vanguard just to mention but a few.

Please when considering a new monopod or tripod, please take your time and ensure the device you choose will be string enough for the maximum weight you will be placing on it.

In both cases I always suggest that the camera head/ball joint be of a “quick release” type, this helps immensely.

Keep on clickin.  John