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It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment!!

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The Gear I Have In My Rucksack

My usual rucksack, well packed.

My usual rucksack, well packed.

1 x Canon 1Dx – My favourite.

1 x Canon 1D lV – My second favourite.

1 x Canon 500mm f4 IS L USM Lens – A brilliant lens, able to get you close up and personal without stressing the specie.

1 x Canon 100mm/400mm f4/5.6 IS L USM MKII Lens – An excellent piece of kit to help cover that gap between 200mm and 500mm.

1 x Canon 70mm/200mm f2.8 IS L USM MKII Lens – A lens with fantastic optics and speed.

1 x Canon 24/70mm f2.8 USM lens – A superb mid range focal length lens.

1 x Canon 16/35mm f2.8 USM lens – An excellent lens for wide angle or extremely close up work.

1 x Canon 1.4mm Extender – This goes everywhere just in case.

1 x Canon 580 MKII Flash Guns – The distance which these flashes throw is quite considerable.

1 x Beamer Flash Extender – This extends the distance which the light is thrown, therefore accommodating longer lenses.

1 x Canon 100/400 f4/5.6 IS USM MK ll in a Lowepro pouch.

Tripod Etc

1 x Arca Swiss QR Ball Head – This goes between the tripod and the sidekick

1 x Gimbell Side Kick – An excellent piece of kit offering full control to my 500 f4 lens

1 x Gitzo Carbon Fibre Tripod – An brilliant tripod with legs which open to 90% and a maximum height of 7ft

1 x Beech Trolley – Ideal for using when the terrain allows

My Street & Field Pouch

(Whenever you see John out on a shoot, he will always be wearing his belt & pouch)

This pouch is permanently attached to my hip when l am out with my gear. It contains all the little extras which l cannot be without.

This pouch is permanently attached to my hip when l am out with my gear. It contains all the little extras which l cannot be without.

1 x Notebook, Pen, Pencil & ID – Always wanted to make those little notes.

1 x Penknife – Every photographers accessorie.

1 x Canon AngleFinder – Great for low level work.

1 x Spare Battery – A must just in case. My batteries are compatible to both camera’s.

1 x Cleaning Cloth, Pen and Blower – Just in case you are working in a dirty or windy environment.

1 x Card wallet (containing 10 x 8Gb Compact Flash cards for simultaneous back up for my 1Dx) – You never want to run out of memory!!

1 x Card wallet (containing 10 x 4Gb Compact Flash cards & 10 x 4Gb SD cards  for simultaineous back up for my 1D MK IV) – You never want to run out of memory!!

1 pair x Clear lens glasses with neck strap – I wear glasses but not for actually taking any pictures.

You can also securely affix “Street & Field” pouches to accommodate extra equipment and lenses to the belt.


1 x Canon 2x Extender – Be warned when using a 2x extender, you will need excellent bright light.

1 x Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro lens – A very nice lens which is that bit lighter.

1 x Canon 180mm f3.5 Macro lens – This is without question my favourite macro lens, it allows you to work just that little bit further away from the subject.

2 x Canon 540 Flash Guns – These work brilliantly in conjunction with all the rest of my gear.

1 x Canon 4 channel remote flash triggering system.
Stealth-Gear & Kingfisher-3

A selection of “Lee” filters including the “Big & Little Stopper”, Polariser and Grad’s. – These are without question, the worlds finest filters available.

2 x LowePro AW Rucksacks – Both protect all my gear from the elements whilst at the same time providing spare outside pockets complete with outside covers

1 x Billingham Pro Shoulder Bag


Johns Studio Gear

3 x Bowens StreamLite – lights and diffusers – These are ideal as they are daylight calibrated and cold lights.

3 x Bowens Streamlight tripods and boom arms – These are really sturdy

3 x Manfrotto “Lumie” lights (1 low and 1 Medium emmision) plus colour filters.

2 x Photographic work tents – When using a tent, the object to be photographed is placed in a tent and lit through the sides, tops, and bottoms.

1 x Photographic work table – A white table with back  is ideal when you wish to work with your lights very close to the subject matter and reflectors.

6 x Coloured Tent Backdrops – This gives me a choice of what to use and avoids additional post production work.

1 x Manfrotto tripod with centre column and boom arm – Provides 100% flexibility.

1 x Manfrotto Fluid Head (Operational 360 Degrees)

1 x Macro vernier drive – This fits between the tripod and the camera and is adjusted in both directions with the aid of two vernier worm, one course and one fine.

3 x Sets of Novoflex Macro Scaffolding – Ideal for holding the finest and most delicate of items in position.

2 x Camera cable remote control systems – These create a totally free of vibration shot.

1 x Plamp – An example of a “Plamp” is it can be affixed to a tripod leg and then to the stem of a flower with no damage.

Assorted clamping systems – Bits and pieces which you collect over the years.

Assorted accessories and filters – Bits and pieces which you collect over the years.

Johns Office

My office is very comfortable and well equipped able to undertake most tasks.

My office is very comfortable and well equipped able to undertake most tasks.

1 x “Mac Pro” with an Eizo ColorEdge CG241W screen – Both are 100% brilliant!!

1 x Apple “MacBook Air” laptop – Again brilliant, I’d be lost without it.

1 x Epson Stylus Pro 4800 printer – A brilliant printing machine up to A2 working with 8 x Epson Ultra Chrome K3 Inks.

1 x Brother HL-3040CN 4 x colour laser printer – A good office slave for producing course and workshop documents on.

1 x HP Laser Printer P1102 – My office workhorse (Mono).

1 x ColourMunki calibration system – This calibrates and profiles my photographic computer system, printers and papers.

2 x “Lacie” 1TB external hard drives – Extremely reliable.

4 x “Western Digital” 2TB external hard drives in a “Raid” format – Extremely reliable.

1 x Custom made routing system used for all my wireless and internet connections.

Software Used

1 x “Lightroom V6”. This is now being used to replace Aperture V3. All the images managed in Aperture V3 have now been transferred to Lightroom.

1 x “Adobe Photoshop CS5” – This is the package of software l fall to when I need additional functions

1 x “Affinity Photographic & Design” package of software.

1 x “Nik” software package – An absolutely brilliant package providing five different    

John, office bound!!

John, office bound!!

1 x “onOne Genuine Fractals” – This is an amazing package to “interpolate” an image up or down in size

1 x “MacPhun” software package

1 x “Pixel Bender” software package

2 x “Mac Office & Presentation” software packages – As you would expect, all my software contains all the most recent upgrades and are fully licensed and in parallel with the “Mac” brand.

Many thanks, have fun and

“Keep on Clickin”

John F.

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