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Whenever you work within any of the creative industries, always remember to control your copyrights, do this and copyrights will look after you and your family – John Fairclough…

So You Want To Consider Selling Your Pictures

There are many, many stock agencies out there representing thousands and thousands of photographers and millions of images. The images can be licensed, conventionally by a few different methods, exclusive, non exclusive, rights managed etc, these are discussed and agreed at the time of joining the said agency. My images are represented by eight agencies with only one being on an exclusive agreement.

Also at the time of signing with an agency, you agree for them to work on your behalf, negotiating the price and terms, complete with any specific clauses you may have included in your contracts.

Reproduction licenses for images, logo’s, text and video footage are sold on an individual basis and based upon the specific usage within an agreed geographical area and for a specified period of time.  Fees for each project have to be individually applied for, negotiated and agreed in writing between the agency and end client.

Digital files can be selected from our various galleries and purchased directly from us. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, please contact us and provide a fully detailed description. John has in excess of 25,000 pin sharp images all filed and easily collated and made up in to a bespoke lightbox for you. The resolution of the images contained within the lightbox are low, however the final image resolution is as specified by the client. Images are available down the wire via of our “Big File” site.

We have found that in this digital era, some people may consider it to be very easy to go ahead and use images without giving a thought to any rights of the author or indeed, copyright law. This may of courses be purely by accident as unauthorised usage is rarely intended but we would ask that new clients are mindful of their obligations.

All copyrighting is in accordance with the 1988 Copyright & Patent Act. Any situations requiring legal intervention will always be done within the realms and jurisdiction of British law and within the territory of the United Kingdom.

Many thanks, have fun and;

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