Ethics Policy

Ethics are not definable, but implementable, because it is not conscious; it involves not only our thinking, but also our feeling – Valdemar W Setzer…

My Ethics & Believes

Nature photography is a tool, which enables people from all nations to communicate with the aid of one common denominator, language and pictures. This makes all images, in their own right, so powerful that they can be used in many, many different ways and for many different purposes.

We believe that nature photographers carry a responsibility that no other photographers have, this is to capture and display all images in a manner which will relay the information and story to all who view them.

Here are some of the ethics we pride ourselves in:

  • To act at all times with honesty and integrity in both our personal and business lives.
  • To respect and assist anyone involved in the preservation and conservation of the subjects and species of the natural world.
  • At all times to respect all species of the natural world and the property we access or travel on.
  • To be accurate and truthful about the origins of all images recorded.
  • To avoid misleading our audiences with any excessive uses of digital manipulation and the assistance of the many manipulation software packages available on the market today and tomorrow.
  • In addition to our above mentioned policies, and finally, we ask everyone to give the utmost of respect to all men, women, boys and girls irrespective of age, health, colour, class or greed.

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John F

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