My Photography.

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better – Albert Einstein…

My Photography & How l Got Started

By now you may have already gathered that it is my love to study and absorb the species/subjects of the natural world, this sometimes includes a bonus, that being able to record a moment in time by capturing a photograph.

l became interested in photography during 1988 when l was working in London and my wife suggested l should have hobby, with that she showed me an advert about “The St Helens Camera Club”. I joined and have been there ever since.

During the years that followed and from that day to this l continue to attend, contribute and support the club wherever possible.

“The St Helens Camera Club” is one of the oldest and most well respected club in the land, with members ranging from pure beginners to full time professionals, some of which hold nationally and internationally respected accreditations.

After approximately ten years of entering competitions at all levels and achieving photographic accreditations from both the “Royal Photographic Society” and the “Photographic Alliance of Great Britain”. My time with the club had allowed me to build an excellent catalogue of pictures.

My next question was; are my pictures good enough in both quality and commercial value to market and make me some money?

It’s worth a try l thought, l’ll have a go…

Deciding to Work Semi-Pro

Not having been down this road before, but thinking that it can’t be all that different from the music industry, being creative and handling royalties. Having worked for the past 30plus years in this industry l decided to have a go. My first challenge was to obtain a “stock agency” to represent my work. It took quite a few applications and then l made a submission to an internationally recognised agency who specialised exclusively in the subjects and species of the natural world and included clients such as the BBC, as well as major book publishers, film studios and TV companies. This company was called “Oxford Scientific Films” (OSF).

Following my first submission of 100 images, which was approved by “OSF”, they requested a second submission of a further 150 pictures. Now l had to wait.

Two day before Christmas 2001 l received a phone call from the picture director of OSF who announce that OSF were offering me a contract without any question. Following a lengthy chat he promised me the official contract would be with me no later than mid January 2002. Christmas was a very happy one…..

My Professional Photography

January 2002 arrived, along with a big bang of reality, my launch in to becoming a “Professional Natural History & Wildlife Photographer”. Now to construct a plan of action for my first year, this would include; visiting my new agency/representative, creating a number of locations to visit and at the right time of the species year. Some of the locations included where: The Scottish Cairngorms, The Yorkshire Moors, North Wales, The Farne Islands, Donna Nook Grey Seal Coloney, plus many more.

The year that followed was an extremely busy one, and also involved in spending plenty of money. l just never realised what l would have to spend out on in my first, this include expanding my gear and office facilities.

As time went on and “OSF” did me proud l expanded my foreign visits including Germany, Holland, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe just to mention but a few.

In addition to above mentioned foreign locations there was “The Falkland Islands”, my first visit was for two weeks plus a week in Chile. The bonus on this visit was it was totally free of charge, this was owing to the fact that l won first prize in an international wildlife competition. It was amazing, it was awesome!!!


After working as a “professional natural history and wildlife photographer” for two years and because of the many locations l had been fortunate enough to visit, l had managed to create an exciting, evocative and stunning collection of images. In fact at the last count this was in excess of 25,500 images. A great number of these are already registered with some of the stock image agents who are representing me and my work.


I have also created a number of  galleries  here on my website for you to view. If you do not see exactly what you want, please feel to contact me directly and l will either construct a lightbox for you to view or put you in touch with one or more of my agents..

Many thanks, have fun and

“Keep on Clickin”

John F

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