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  • December 14, 2014

Sometime ago I had to make a number of very serious decisions regarding my photography. These challenges where created due to a number of serious health issues. But hey-ho, that’s life.

The decisions and alterations where principally based on the fact that my long haul foreign and long domestic trips had to be curtailed. Following a great deal of thought I then made another decision, to enter a brand new genre of photography for me, this  would be a totally new challenge. This would without question be a new challenge, and keep my interest in photography and my mind occupied.

Once again l made yet another decision, this being to sell my existing camera gear which weighed in the region of around 35kg. I circulated all the relative information and within eight days, all was sold. This would save any frustrations in the future.

I reinvested on some new gear, “Sony”. please click here for details.

ln addition l wanted to create a small, but effective studio, this would include; Backdrops, tables, tents, reflectors, bespoke lighting, brackets, and finally plenty of cables and chargers. This will provide me with my home, digital dark room/office/home, all in one location. Great.

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