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Stock Agencies

  • August 22, 2019

One of the most common questions l get asked is about, “Stock Image Agency’s”? 

I always reply by offering the same information and guidelines.

There are thousands of agency’s in the UK, many with wide and varied terms of agreement. Here are some of the points you should beware of!! Such as; Do not pay the agency to work together, as well as paying a percentage on every sale to the agency. I recommend you do not pay the agency more than 33% of a sale to the agency. If the agency do not disclose their trading address and/or you can’t contact them by phone or email during daytime hours. Only accepts images from a mobile phone. Pays and monies on greater than 60days.

May l suggest you look at an agency entitled “Alamy”. Have a play, look at their submission guidelines etc. Although l don’t personally use Alamy nowadays, there’s nothing initially wrong with them.

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